The ashram, Samba Sada Shiva Dham, was founded in 1992 and is located in Roslagen approximately 120 km north of Stockholm. The Foundation Samba Sadashiva is the owner of the ashram property since 2013. The Foundation takes care of the ashram according to the message of Shri Babaji of Truth, Simplicity and Love. The aim of the Foundation is to preserve and develop the ashram to support the spiritual and human evolution and cooperation of its visitors.


The heart of the ashram is the temple and the dhuni. The temple is situated in an old barn, and the dhuni is surrounded by forest. The forest is the larger part of the ashram, and one third of it is since a few years back classified as a protected biotope by the Swedish Forest Agency. There are even some smaller buildings on the ashram property. There are plans for the further development of the ashram, including among other things renovation and the conversion of the barn for future needs. See more on the Project page.