Shri Babaji is an eternal spiritual master who in his latest human form was active from 1970 till 1984.  During these years he was visited by people from all corners of the world and guided each one, regardless of religion, toward a deeper spirituality and commitment to the service of mankind. Shri Babaji’s guidance is even available today as he communicates with people through their hearts.



Shri Babaji has been called by many names - among others Shri Maha Prabuji, Shri Shri 1008 Haidakhan Vale Baba and Mahavatar Babaji. Tibetan monks have identified him as Lama Baba and both Sikhs and Sufis visited him. In the west he was first mentioned in Parmahansa Yogananda’s book Autobiography of a Yogi where he is described as the Yogi Christ of India.


Shri Babaji’s teachings were simple and direct, practical and relevant to daily life. They were at the same time multi-faceted and with several more layers of meaning than was first thought. He was able to guide people with simple means, some of whom often saw different and deeply personal wisdom from the same situation.


Shri Babaji held Karma Yoga, unselfish work with love the highest divine, as a way to reach change in peolples lives and in the world. In the common work to take care of the Ashram in Haidakhan the best and worst sides of people came out and Shri Babaji was a catalyst to help them let go of their limits and blockages, and integrate love and deep insights.



For more literature about Shri Babaji there are many books and still more websites. (See the attached links, for examples.) In the Swedish Ashram we have books available for purchase though these are also available on-line from ashram in other countries. Some that we can recommend are:


Shri Haidakhan Vale Baba, by Gunell Minnet

I Am Harmony, by Radhe Shyam

Teachings of Babaji

Encounters with Babaji, Master of the Himalayas by Renata Caddy

Shri Babaji, Immortal Yogi of the Himalayas, by Romola Butalia