Sanatana Dharma is an intrinsic, timeless law that is the foundation for all creation. Shri Babaji also described Sanatana Dharma as the eternal, original religion or righteousness. It does not belong to any special belief system or religious tradition, instead it contains all religions, spiritual pathways and individual approaches to God. It is possible to follow Sanatana Dharma in any religion.



Dharma is a word with a broad definition that can include law, truth, ethics and more. It is closely associated with actions and rites, which are regarded as primary, in the Indian tradition, while thoughts and theories are regarded as secondary. Dharma is actions that express something about how things are related. To act according to dharma upholds order in the world both socially and cosmically.


Shri Muniraji, who led the international Haidakhandi Samaj mellan 1984 an 2012, has described Sanatana Dharma as “the Ancient/Eternal law of Nature/Life”. In Indian spiritual tradition Rishis and Yogis have studied Sanatana Dharma, and made it physically present and alive.


Shri Babaji och Shri Muniraji

Sanatana Dharma is the eternal dharma, the eternal, original way to correctly use your abilities. As fires dharma is to burn and waters to make wet, Sanatana Dharma is a deep laying truth in every human being and expressed by each individual in different ways. Shri Babaji’s message- truth, simplicity and love - can be guiding words for one who wants to live according to Sanatana Dharma.